New Town Revue, October 11, 2013 Audio and Visuals

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NTR Photos- June and Sept 2013

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Check out these photos from the New Town Revue taken in June and September 2013.

New Town Revue is Friday, October 11



The next New Town Revue is Friday, October 11, from 6:30 to 7:30 at Avid Bookshop.

The Revue will feature readings by Laura Solomon and Jon Davies, and music by Killick Hinds.

Laura Solomon is the author of The Hermit (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2011) and two other poetry collections, Blue and Red Things (UDP, 2007) and Bivouac (Slope Editions, 2002). Other publications include Letters by which Sisters Will Know Brothers (Katalanché Press 2005), a chapbook, Haiku des Pierres / Haiku of Stones by Jacques Poullaoueq, a translation from the French with Sika Fakambi (Editions Apogée, 2006), and contributions to various anthologies including: Poets on Painters (Witchita State Press, 2007), Days of Poetry and Wine (Beletrina, Ljubljana 2010), The Sonnets, Translating and Rewriting Shakespeare (Telephone Books, 2012), Open the Door: How to Excite Young People About Poetry (McSweeney’s 2013). In 2010, a collection of selected poems in translations appeared in Slovene, also entitled Letters By Which Sisters Will Know Brothers. Currently she resides in Athens, GA, where she has recently performed and collaborated with the band pacificUV, whose new album After The Dream You Are Awake was released this past May from Mazarine Records. In addition, to writing poetry, making music, teaching, and translating from Italian and French, Laura dabbles in photography and performance projects. You can follow her on twitter at @lagsolo.

A native of California, Jon Morgan Davies has lived in Athens for twelve years with a lemon that is now twenty eight years old. He is the creator of the blog Short Story Reader and a hopeless addict to charting various aspects of his life. His work has appeared in such publications as Adirondack Review, Cutbank, and Southern Indiana Review.

And here’s a word from the musician… My name is Killick. I’ve been focused on making music for 28 of my 40 years. I find myself more and more moving deeper into music as a mystical, ritualistic, sacred vehicle for finding stillness. My worldly experience keeps me tethered- thankfully- as I navigate with you the ethereal unknown. There’s always three parts to this journey: 1) welcome; 2) spatialization & discontinuity; 3) safe return. This can take many forms, and embodies all possibilities in multiple directions on multiple planes. I channel equal parts physicality, emotionality, intellect, and spiritual openness, finding calm in freneticism, extracting ecstatic joy from pure potential. I use my intuition to create the conditions for moving beyond the mundane into the realm of healing, to benefit ourselves and all we reach. I have been fortunate to play with my groups Crazy Hoarse & Pocketful of Claptonite as well as many other amazing artists. Of course, this hasn’t addressed “what it sounds like” or “what style is it?” The answer is constantly unfolding, but can be summed up as “Yes.” Thanks for listening. I look forward to meeting you. Please visit for more.

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