Revue Recap: February 21, 2015

Last Saturday was our Translations Edition, with readings by Mounawar Abbouchi, Bart Lemahieu, and Genevieve Esquivie.  It was an amazing evening. Check out the audio below.

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A little about our performers

We’re gearing up for Saturday’s translation-themed New Town Revue. It will be at Avid Bookshop, Feb. 21, 6:30-7:30. Here’s a little about our performers…

Bart Lemahieu is a Belgian who has lived in Athens since 1991. After years of observing American culture, he started writing in Dutch about his pre-American experience in an attempt to reconsider his past from the unique perspective of an immigrant. These writings were sculpted into poetic prose and translated into English so they could be brought to an American audience. Tonight’s event features the first public reading of some of these shorts, including translations into French. The goal is to eventually publish the entire set of 36 in Dutch, English, French and German in one binding.

Mounawar Abbouchi is a Master’s student in Comparative Literature at UGA and Fulbright scholar from Lebanon. She got her BA in English from the Lebanese American University in Beirut. She has written a bit of fiction, fairy tales, and poetry, and is currently translating a 13th century Old French poem for her MA thesis. Some of her favorite things are medieval literature and culture, origami, travelling, good food, good music, and dragons.

Geneviève Esquivié, a native of France, has been living in Athens since 1985. She has been involved in the thespian scene in Athens for about 10 years, acting at the Town & Gown Players, and more recently Rose of Athens (shows to come Feb.27-March 6).  She has three grown children, all artistic in their own ways.

Darrin Cook was born in Athens Georgia and raised in neighboring Madison County. His love for music began as a child, playing the piano and then to the drums in marching band in high school and soon after the electric bass. He studied bass at M.I.T. in California and returned to Georgia in 1986 to continue playing music with a band called the Royal Nomads, which morphed into Actively Calm as a rock group experimenting with jazz and improv. He became the principal bassist for the Athens Symphony and held that position for five years. He played with several groups, including The Purple Martins, The Athens A-Train, and The Tiny Jazz Arkestra, afterwards moving into more improvisational sound with Pocketful of Claptonite. He was the bassist for a five-year journey with the band Efren. He has performed and/or recorded with many artists, including Circulatory Systems, Heather Hennenburg, Ale Raisers, Monkey Grass Jug band, The Would Be Farmers, Breathlanes, Scott Low, and Dangfly.