New Town Revue coming November 18

We are gearing up for November 18’s New Town Revue, featuring an eclectic mix of multi-talented performers. It will be held in Avid Bookshop from 6:30-7:30.

Jeremy Ayers was an experimental writer-poet, photographer, activist and musician. Jeremy was excited about the first public presentation of his latest literary work for the New Town Revue, but sadly he passed away suddenly on October 24th. Four of his dear friends, with whom he had been sharing this project, have graciously offered to read for him. We only wish he was here to celebrate his work with us. Jeremy might be best known for his time spent with (and photo documentation of) Occupy Wall Street, or for writing a column for Andy Warhol’s Interview Magazine, or for his experimental-folk band Limbo District, or for collaborating with R.E.M. and the B-52s on songwriting. Like a shape-shifting cat with more than nine lives, Ayers literally changed from one year to the next surprising and delighting everyone he met. The Athens community is deeply saddened by the loss of this great artist.

Recent Los Angeles transplants Ezra Buchla and Claire Cronin will round out the bill.

Buchla uses violin, viola, voice and technology to create sound. He’s a veteran of beloved experimental indie bands Mae Shi and Gowns. He also develops music software and firmware such as the aleph sound processor.

Cronin is in the PhD creative writing program at UGA. She’s a poet and a musician, most recently recording the album Came Down a Storm with Deerhoof guitarist John Dieterich. Read Cronin’s chapbook, Therese, from H_NGM_N Books here.

Hope to see there.